We founded the shipping company ISCOTRANS in 1976. From our original site in Genoa, with more than 45 years’ experience, we work all around the globe, directly or through carefully chosen partners, to ensure our services meet our standards and yours too.

We offer transportation by sea, air and road, logistics and international distribution for goods of any kind and size.

We specialise in the transportation of chemicals and entire industrial plants to any destination. In these complex, delicate sectors, for over forty years we have worked alongside Italian and international companies the entire supply chain, from planning of the transport to the arrival at destination.

In 2007, we set up TANDEM GLOBAL LOGISTICS, an international network of logistics operators, which today has more than 200 offices in 75 countries around the world. Thanks to deep-rooted partnerships with the other companies in the network, we precisely follow and manage all door-to-door deliveries and are able to offer highly specialist additional services.

Our successful case histories and experience of international transportation in North Africa, the Middle and Far East, Russia, America, China and in other parts of the world are our best calling card.


Iscotrans: Delivery solutions for worldwide freight transportation since 1976

Certificazione ISO 9001:2015

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