Time is money

We invest to increase the value of your time.

There are projects that require tight deadlines because a delay in delivery may have serious consequences from a financial point of view, if it means missing several days’ production or down time for the plant.

Our team fully understands the needs of Project Management and the need to respect particular deadlines set by your end client and it has a sole objective: to minimise transport times.

The organisational and decisional flexibility that characterise Isopterans allows us to tailor our Project Team structure to fit your requirements, allocating the resources needed for management of logistics according to the delivery volumes and flows requested by the PM.

Our services include:

  • Management and preparation of tenders on a blanket order basis
  • Detailed door-to-door quotes for cross-trade (foreign-to-foreign) deliveries
  • Management of transportation by sea, air and road
  • Project Logistics Management (IPMA Certified personnel)
  • Packing
  • Vessel and aircraft chartering
  • Heavy lift
  • Management of simplified and temporary import/export customs documents
  • Real Time Track&Trace system
  • KPI indicators and records.