Forty years’ experience in integrated logistics

An integrated chain, also and especially if it regards logistics, is worth more than the sum of its links.

We specialise in integrated logistics management. Our company ships industrial and commercial products via land, sea and air, we offer warehouse and distribution services, also on an international scale. We provide top quality solutions and customised assistance for the transportation of products that require very precise packing and delivery methods.

With our vast experience in all the main sectors and our global network of partners, our experts can find solutions for the supply chain that meet your specific company needs.

Using constantly updated IT systems, we check every aspect along the entire supply chain. Our team of logistics specialists uses a vast range of new-gen applications to view the status of a delivery, manage the inventory, plan to-do actions and monitor and report performance.

Our services include:

  • Management and preparation of tenders on a blanket order basis
  • Detailed door-to-door quotes for cross-trade (foreign-to-foreign) deliveries
  • Management of transportation by sea, air and road
  • Project Logistics Management (IPMA Certified personnel)
  • Packing
  • Warehousing
  • Management of simplified and temporary import/export customs documents
  • Real Time Track&Trace system
  • KPI indicators and records